This blog is here so I can collect, reblog and look at stuff I like. I probably won't follow back, I use blacklist and unfollow blogs that talk politics or spam my dash with Homestuck, Potter and/or Hiddelston without tagging it. I don't do questionnaires or "about me" things, I'm here for pretties, not for the social. Please don't take it personally.

I like cats, art, fan art, teh gayz and photos of handsome menfolk, mostly of the British, life-ruining variety. I geek over most BBC shows, X-Men, video games, and books.

About me

I’m not in the fandom, but I got to try these teas today, and may I just say that these Hannibal teas are AMAZING?? Hannibal (the character) smells amazingly sweet, but mellows in the cup, and Will? Will both tastes and looks like coffee and is just amazing. Wait, wait… is it people? D: Check out all the blends here!